Funtress automatic piggy bank for kids Reviews


Isn’t it great how piggy banks attract and encourage kids to start saving at a very young age? The more attractive the piggy bank is, the more it’ll attract children towards itself. There are different piggy banks, some are automatic and some or not. We feel that the automatic piggy banks with proper storage are better than the rest. Kids usually lose their coins, and then you’ll find those coins lying around in your house. So, these piggy banks are ideal for saving some loose change in them.

The piggy banks from which you can easily take the savings out are of great help. On the other hand, some piggy banks will only give you all your savings once they are full, and you have to break them to get the money out. If you want to buy a piggy bank for kids, then you should check out Funtress’s automatic piggy banks for kids. This piggy bank is not just an ordinary piggy bank; it is specially designed for kids. It is one of the cutest yet astonishing piggy banks you’ve ever seen. You can gift this to your young ones. It is the best birthday gift for kids.

Why should you buy Funtress automatic piggy bank:

This is an automatic piggy bank, with a cute little puppy. Kids love pet animals, and this piggy bank is designed in a particular way. Not only does it have a puppy, but also the puppy makes different barking sounds. Once the kids place their coins on the puppy’s door, it comes out barks and takes the coin inside his house. 

The puppy in this piggy bank is what attracts the children most. Here are some of the reasons why we think that this piggy bank is perfect for your kids.


The piggy bank operates on “AA” batteries. The material used for making this automatic piggy bank is environmentally friendly. The height of this piggy bank is 12.4 cm, and its total width is 14.5 cm. Which makes it portable, and the kids can handle it easily. As it is made up of ABS plastic; therefore, it is very light in weight. It also has a small lid attached at the bottom, which can be removed if you want to take all the coins out. In addition to this, not only does the barking sound varies from time to time, but also the music changes on its own.


  • Lightweight
  • Battery operated
  • Cost friendly


  • Does not have much storage space.


If you’re looking for a present for your kids either for their birthdays, Christmas, or Thanksgiving, then this is the best present you can ever get them. You can teach your children the importance of money, and they will develop a habit of saving their extra money as well. Funtress piggy banks are suitable for kids. We are confident that your kids will love this.

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